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You're everything to me...

Brandy's Thoughts

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Brandy. I was born and raised in kingsport, TN but now live in Wichita, KS with my wonderful Husband. I have a 6 year old step-daughter. Im also 5 months pregnant and we are expecting a wonderful BABY BOY on the way soon!!I am 23 years old. My birthday is May 27, Just incase you wanna buy me something pretty. hehe. I adore my lj friends very much. Most of them I am very close with. I like meeting new people. You may comment if you wish to be added and i will add ya.

pregnancy due date

Ill be giving birth to a little baby boy around feb 7,2007. We are going to call him "Kyler Jay Lee Norris".

Loves: My lj friends, shopping, journalism, photography, comics, eyeliner, lipgloss, smart people, web design, drawing, music, movies, flowers, taking pictures, hello kitty, bears, dogs, MY HUSBAND, candles, carmen electra, gum, chocolate, diet mountain dew, clothes, AE boots, open-minded people, nonjudgmental people, laguna beach, mtv, The real world, Life as we know it, Reality Tv, My cell phone, bath and body works, pink, blue, purple, Beyonce, kelly clarkson, lj, itunes, photoshop.

Hates: Cleaning, stupid people, judgmental people, hypocrites, work, people who think there better than everyone else, driving, calendars-because i suck at keeping up with mine, smoking, people who seem to not care about others, liers,, drama queens.

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